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Linda Becker, BS, LMT

Linda Becker treated the Rice family for years while she lived in Kona. She treated everything from excruciating back pain to sprained ankles for a very active and sports oriented family of six. When Linda moved to the mainland, we weren't sure we could survive, but she has come back from time to time to give us a tune up. Linda prevents more serious health problems by eliminating the cause in the early stages. If she were back in Kona we would all be regular clients again, but we surely could love visit and a tune up.

Sally R.

I am delighted to provide this letter of recommendation for my therapist, Linda Becker,

I had a lot of injuries throughout my sport career as a former gymnast and now when I’m in my late 50’s I pay the price for it. I had back, knee, shoulder and ankle surgeries. For years I was looking for help for my pains but despite of my search I couldn’t find a real solution. A paid a lot of money going from one therapy to other and did not get the results.

Finally in 2003 my Chinese acupuncturist recommended Linda as a solution for my problems.  Since then I’ve been a patient and a true believer of her.

As a result of the old injuries and other factors I have developed a serious hip pain. When I started the treatments I was seeing Linda once a week, then slowly moved to every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks and every 4 weeks. Presently I have treatments every 4-5 weeks and I call it maintenance since my pain was gone after seeing Linda for about 2 months.

In my 53 years in gymnastics as an athlete, and later as a coach, I’ve never experienced such an excellent and successful therapy than Linda’s. She not only has a great deal of knowledge about her work, but she feels what she is doing. There are so many therapists who just mechanically do their job, but know nothing about this feeling, which is a true sign of a very talented and competent healer.

I even send my athletes to her and every time she is helping them just as she did it with others and me.

Linda never pushed anyone to do more treatments and she was very reasonable as far as payments for the therapy. I believe she deserves much more. I developed complete trust and confidence in her judgment and integrity.

In short, I cannot recommend Linda Becker highly enough and very sad that she is leaving to Texas. I wish her the best and I know she will be successful wherever she goes.


Peter H.
Scottsdale, AZ

I have known Linda Becker for over 5 years. She was first recommended to me by my mother-in-law, who is an R.N.. She is an amazing licensed massage therapist who over the years has become a close family friend.

Linda is incredibly intelligent and extremely knowledgeable in her field. I have met people who come to see her from other states. She is the only one that they will let work on them when sore muscles or aches and pains ail them. We miss her dearly here in Arizona. Texas is gaining an amazing person who not only helps her patients but cares about them.

It is with great pleasure that I write to you in recommendation of Linda Becker. She is an honest, caring individual who will make an extremely valuable asset to your organization. 


Debra F.
Chandler, AZ

While working at a semiconductor company in 2006 I hurt myself from convulsions I experienced during a food poisoning episode I had. When I was released to return to work I was still sufffering and having a hard time doing my job. Your understanding of the problems of working 12 hour shifts on raised, steel floors which involved lots of walking (avg 8.3 miles per shift), standing and some sitting made discussing and implementing your suggested basic changes helped me get through my shifts easier and made my days off more enjoyable. The stress relief that your treatments provided did wonders for my sore back and shoulders.

I have since retired from the semiconductor industry, but am still using your methods while I work on my small ranch in Abilene, TX.

Thanks for giving me back the joy of moving and living.

Respectfully and many thanks,

Vivian S.
Abilene, TX

I'm a gymnast and have been for 14 years and have had my share of injuries. When I first went to Linda I had been warned by my doctor that I might need to quit gymnastics due to the stress on my disks and spine. Linda explained how the muscles were pulling in disagreement and that this was causing the pain and reduced mobility. She also identified what gymnastic moves were causing my problems. After one treatment my back already felt more limber and functional. Linda gave me some tips on how I should train and within one month my back wasn't giving me any problems. Thanks to Linda I have gone from never being able to to train and compete in gymnastics again, to being okayed to train and compete in just one month. Later that year I went on to place 1st in the all-around at the regional championships for my division. It is both an accomplishment I take pride in and one that I never woould have attained without Linda's help. 

Since then Linda has helped my through injuries in my shoulders, hips, back, neck - all successfully. One of my favorite things about Linda's work is that she can correct many of my problems in just one treatment. One time I came to her office in such severe pain I was unable to stand up. When I left her office I could stand and move without any pain at all.

Linda is the best licensed massage therapist I have ever met and I will have a very hard time finding someone to replace her now that she is moving to Texas. She is always kind, encouraging, and does a magnificient job at balancing bodies.


Josiah G.
Phoenix, AZ

Linda treated me a couple times while I was pregnant and I'm sure that is what kept my back from aching. She even worked on our son when he was just hours old to help alleviate the birth trauma.  When my sister was visiting I suggested she go see Linda since she has a history of back trouble and had hurt herself. She got so much relief that other times that sis has visited she always wants to get Linda to work on her. Even my reluctant husband has found that Linda's treatments are great when he's hurting. 

I liken Linda's treatments to a cross between chiropractic and massage. She doesn't crack you but the way she gently stretches and pulls on the muscles, it gets everything back in place.

I recommend Linda's work for any age,

Rita C.
Phoenix, AZ
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